Welcome to the Art of Laura Smith
Laura's background is one of contrast, born in India of a British Family, her formative years were spent in Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe.  In later years she resided in The States but now calls the UK and Australia home.
A Visual Arts BA of Leicester UK.  Laura's work is displayed in collections worldwide and has been exhibited in many international galleries, including The Royal Academy, London.
Artist Statement
When I return to my studio after a sitting I feel energized as I unravel the nature and mystery of what I want to reveal. I paint quickly as I need to capture the motion and energy of my sitter without the visual impact. One of these will often be the basis for my final painting.
It is important for me to show the essence of who my subject is, not just the physical reality. I want to portray a hidden meaning, perhaps a wry humour, a feeling of playfulness or a loving light, aspects which I combine with the characterful quality of who they really are.

William Howard

110cm x 86cm oil on canvas